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Annandale Medical Centre Knutsford

Annandale Medical Centre Knutsford
Doctors, Doctors Surgery, Medical Centre, Knutsford

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Doctors, Doctors Surgery, Medical Centre, Knutsford

Annandale Medical Centre is a friendly, modern doctors’ surgery based in Knutsford, Cheshire. We also have a branch surgery in nearby Mobberley.

Using this website you can find out when Annandale Medical Centre is open, when the doctors are consulting and what to do if you need help when the practice is closed. Find out more

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Clinics & Services at Annandale Medical Centre

Nurse Clinics

Our Nurse Clinician provides a range of services increasing patient access to quality health care. These include immediate access surgeries for acute problems, medication reviews, longer appointments to assess and monitor chronic conditions such as asthma, COPD, Ischemic Heart Disease, Hypertension, and Epilepsy. In addition leads the team in a range of Health Promotion activities.

Our Practice nurses are highly qualified and experienced members of the team who can advise on a wide variety of health problems, as well as carrying out vaccinations, dressings, removing stitches, attending to minor injuries, giving foreign travel advice, etc. They also hold a number of health promotion clinics.

Other Clinics and Services:

Family Planning – All the doctors manage aspects of family planning during normal surgery appointments. All patients receiving family planning from the practice should be seen annually to ensure current contraception is appropriate and safe.

Maternity Care – This is shared with the hospitals; in the practice it is undertaken by the midwives through ant-natal and post-natal appointments. Community midwives run a booking clinic at the practice.

Childrens Immunisation – Available by appointment with the practice nurse in a weekly immunisation clinic.

Child Health Clinics – Developmental screening with the doctor is done at approximately 8 weeks and is available by appointment only

Cervical Smears – Available by appointment with the nurse clinician or doctor.

Travel – We offer all aspects of healthcare for the traveller, which includes immunisations and advice. To ensure maximum protection and reduce the likelihood of side effects spoiling your holiday vaccinations need to be given well in advance of your travel. Please make sure you arrange an appointment with the nurse at least 6 weeks before travel.

Minor Surgery – by arrangement with the doctor.

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