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The Belle Epoque Wedding Venue in Cheshire

Wedding Venue, Bar and Restaurant
The Belle Epoque Wedding Venue in Cheshire
The Belle Epoque remains the culinary and bridal beacon of the North West.

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Wedding Venue in Cheshire


The Belle Epoque remains a culinary and bridal beacon of the north west.

With 41 years under its belt, times have certainly changed, but the integrity and dedication to the Belle Epoque experience has not. In fact, the restaurant and hotel continue to evolve, always looking at ways to ensure each and every person who passes through these historic doors, has a truly individual and memorable experience.

Behind walls that have witnessed over four decades of change in the town, the acclaimed restaurant known far and wide for its award-winning cuisine, continues to champion the very best of locally sourced ingredients. What’s more, is that the restaurant has managed to grasp the seemingly impossible balance of traditional hearty food, with just the right amount of modern French influence.

Now in to second and third generation weddings, families have shared their lives with The Belle Epoque, becoming part of a very special family. Yet despite thousands of couples choosing to tie the knot inside this Cheshire institution, every wedding remains unique and individual.

With 164 seasons under its belt, each season at The Belle Epoque sees a dramatic and atmospheric change. During warmer months, the Mediterranean roof garden takes guests on a journey of decadence, and when the weather gets colder, the welcome gets warmer, with a roaring fire and hearty cuisine.

Whether here for a lavish wedding or a romantic meal, The Belle Epoque will leave a lasting impression, and like many others that came before you, you may just find yourself back again very soon…

We look forward to welcoming you…

A History of The Belle Epoque, Knutsford, Cheshire

It is said by many that the towns name derives from the Danish King Canute who supposedly forded the River Lily in 1016. The name ‘Canutesford’ appears in the Domesday Book (1086), and many names of Danish origin are still found in the town today. In 1292 the town was granted its first charter, and its central location helped it to become known as the ‘Capital’ of Mid Cheshire. In 1955 Knutsford received its own Armorial Bearings featuring the motto ‘Respice, Aspice, Prospice’ (look to the past, the present and the future).

Elizabeth Gaskell, gifted novelist and champion of the working classes chose to base her novel ‘Cranford’ around the town of Knutsford, reflecting on her memories of growing up in the area. Today she is remembered through The Gaskell Memorial Tower, part of The Belle Epoque building.

Getting married doesn’t have to break the bank and if you’re thinking that your wedding may have to be ‘conventional’, think again. The Belle Epoque is an ideal venue if you’re considering the benefits of getting married outside the popular Summer period, and let’s face it, June is no guarantee of great weather in the UK!

Our rooms lend themselves to romantic, candlelit ceremonies and individual touches because there is nothing conventional about The Belle Epoque. We strive to tailor weddings to you, not the other way round and that’s why our weddings are absolutely unique and truly memorable.

For more information or to arrange a time to come and view the venue and have a chat with us please call Kelly or Katie on 01565 633060 or email weddings@thebelleepoque.com

T&C’s Apply, Dates subject to change.

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