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Knutsford Gym


His first step was to become a qualified personal trainer and start to learn more about the fitness industry as a whole. While completing many qualifications to improve his knowledge of fitness, Jimmy met the second of KG’s founders, Ben Morris. Ben was in a similar position to Jimmy; he had spent time as a professional footballer at Manchester City, and had the same goal of owning his own gym. In 2012 Jimmy and Ben set up IM Personal Training.

The business boomed and with the help of our third founder, Mike Smith, plans were being put together to expand the business and open the gym they had wished for. Mike is a very experienced business man, and is currently a managing director for Eddie Stobart. His wealth of business knowledge was a key factor in pulling together the passion for creating the perfect training environment, Jimmy and Ben had envisaged.

Personal Training at Knutsford Gym

At KG we have designed a gym that we believe has the potential to produce results for anyone, no matter what their current fitness level is.

This being the case it is always easier said than done. If you need a helping hand whether it be how to use certain pieces of equipment, motivation or for a complete bespoke program, we have extremely well trained and highly qualified personal trainers here to guide you every step of the way if needed.

Personal Training at IM Personal Training

Along with personal training in KG we also have an exclusive personal training facility just outside of Knutsford in Over Peover.

This is great if you want to get out of the way and train in a completely private environment. Situated at Colshaw Hall, IM Personal Training is Cheshire’s most well equipped personal training gym.

Training at Knutsford Gym

Quality of training is the main focus at KG. When designing the gym, the first question on any decision was, how does that positively improve someone’s workout?

This approach is what makes KG the best facility in Knutsford when it comes to achieving results. The friendly atmosphere along with state of the art equipment from the world’s leading brand creates the perfect training environment.

Knutsford Gym is the first gym of its kind around the Knutsford area that has the sole purpose of making your workout as productive as possible. With top of the range cardio equipment from Life Fitness and their world renowned Hammer Strength range, KG is the place to achieve results.

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