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Mughli Bar & Kitchen

Profile Description

Mughli Bar & Kitchen

Set against the idyllic backdrop of Knutsford’s Tatton Park, the trendy Bar + Kitchen has a striking bar which not only hosts an impressive drinks + cocktail menu but a tempting selection of delicious bar food + desserts for its casual diners.

Mughlai cuisine originates from the the imperial kitchens of the Mughal Empire and is often associated with the distinctive aroma and taste of ground and whole spices. Our menu is freshly prepared each day using age-old family recipes passed down through the generations.

Start your culinary adventure with a choice of starters inspired by ‘Food Street’ in Gawalmandi, Lahore, home to some of the best local food found in Pakistan.

Continue your exploration east, through the Punjab region, with our tikka sizzlers cooked over the ‘angithi’ charcoal pit, succulent steamed biryanis or with a variety of our slowly-broiled, home-style specialities, served with your choice of traditional basmati rice or light tandoori breads.

Please note that in true ‘Mughlai’ tradition we do not serve beef and only use halal meats in all of our restaurants.

Range of Services

  • Indian Restaurant
  • Kitchen
  • Bar
  • Takeaway

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Address Details:
UK, King Street
Phone: 01565 631 010
Opening Hours:
Fri to Sat 17.00pm-Late
Mon to Thurs 17.00pm-Late
Sun 17.00pm-Late

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