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Philipe Marques Interiors

Profile Description

Philipe Marques Interiors

The Interior Designer Philipe Marques, with more than 15 years of experience, set up Philipe Marques Interiors Design in 2005. He has since made his name as the creator of unmistakable, highly bespoke, glamorous work underpinned by attention to detail, a feel for individual clients’ requirements and client satisfaction.

Based in United Kingdom, Philipe Marques Interiors will undertake the entire design process, from architectural design as well as custom furniture design, to the decoration of the interiors. If individual projects require it, furniture and decorative accessories are sourced further afield – in the United Kingdom, Portugal or wherever else is appropriate. Philipe have a particular relationships with antique dealers, galleries and fabric houses ensure that the interiors are contextualized precisely to clients’ requirements and the project’s location.
No two projects are ever the same in the sense that his individual solutions each have their own particular style and character. ‘They can’t be the same. Clients have unique personalities and they want their spaces to do something for them, particularly, and say something that’s personal to them. And so, in order to do whatever it is the client wants, he tryes to evaluate the project’s context – and I’m talking about the architecture as well as the surroundings. And then you have to manipulate those parameters to create the lifestyle the client is seeking.’ His interiors have integrity and layers of meaning. He hasn’t simply gone on a shopping trip and indiscriminately filled the rooms with disparate objects. He’s searched for things he believes are right; he’s gone the extra mile, thoughtfully, cleverly and with panache. ‘I believe I’ve added value to my client’s life’.

Range of Services

  • Interior design
  • objets d'art
  • bespoke furniture
  • accessories
  • beds
  • carpets
  • porta romana
  • lighting
  • mirrors
  • prints

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