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The Knutsford Hearing Centre

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The Knutsford Hearing Centre

Welcome to the Knutsford Hearing Centre…
As a local hearing care retailer, the Knutsford Hearing Centre provides a full service for anyone worried about hearing loss.

At our shop we conduct hearing tests and provide impartial advice on all hearing concerns. We offer a comprehensive range of the new digital hearing aids and a full aftercare service.

We can test your hearing for free and our trained hearing aid audiologists can talk you through the next steps most appropriate to you.

If you are concerned about your hearing please contact us and make an appointment.

Whether it be simple advice, replacement batteries or state of the art digital hearing devices, The Knutsford Hearing Centre can help you.

Our Approach

The Knutsford Hearing Centre is an independent service provider for anyone worried about hearing loss.

We have 2 objectives in mind…
1. To end the confusion caused by all the different hearing aid adverts which appear almost daily in the newspapers and to make choosing a hearing aid an easier and more pleasant experience for our customers.

2. To increase the success rate of the hearing aids and to enable speech to be heard more clearly.

How do we go about achieving those objectives?
To achieve the first objective we formed as a completely independent organisation able to source any hearing aid from any manufacturer.

This increases the chances of finding the right hearing aid at the right price for you.

Most hearing aid suppliers are fully or part owned or affiliated in some way to one manufacturer. We do not have those ties so can offer a full range of hearing aids ‘under one roof’.

To achieve the second objective, to increase the success rate in using hearing aids, we offer a very comprehensive ongoing help and advice service.

Our service does not stop once you walk away with the hearing aids.

We provide free regular check ups and adjustments to your hearing aids to improve their performance for you. Alongside that we have a unique rehabilitation programme to help you get used to your new hearing aids.

Are we succeeding?
We are proud to say that we are being regularly approached by a variety of organisations and people for hearing aid advice and help. We have also recently been invited to carry out all audiology screening and testing at a new prestigious Diagnostic Health Clinic.

In conclusion…
By combining the largest range of products with the best care and attention we have a winning formula for you.
Whether you already wear hearing aids (NHS or Private), or you have one but do not wear it, why not give us a call today for a free, friendly and impartial consultation.

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Address Details:
UK, Princess St,
Phone: 01565 754 894
Fax: 0845 345 2784
E-mail: send mail
Website: visit site
Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri 09.00 - 17.30pm

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