Knutsford Hosts Helen Moore Photoshoot

Knutsford Hosts Helen Moore Photoshoot

It’s Christmas 2015, and British designer Helen Moore has chosen Knutsford as the location for her AW16/17 Interiors brochure shoot.

Top Interior Stylist and Knutsford-resident Susannah Powell, together with fashion and interior photographer Rachel Smith,Michelle from Willow Boutiques, pops in to say hello to Helen Moore. provided the setting and expertise to create the Helen Moore lookbook 16/17. Helen Moore’s British designed and made faux-fur is the go-to fur for the fashion industry, simply because it’s the best. Her iconic faux-fur pom-pom has been copied to oblivion. What an honour for Knutsford to play host to this emerging designer. The Knutsford Hub and Willow Boutiques, popped down to observe the goings on:

Monday December 7th


Up early to deliver the rest of the boxes of faux-fur throws, doorstops, hot water bottles, cushions and of course pom poms, to the location in central Knutsford.


Setting up starts. The brief is to create three or four interior spaces in which to showcase these beautiful products. Susannah Powell of course nails it.

0930 – Midday

I peek the mantelpiece and living room shot and really appreciate that these professionals know what they’re doing. While chaos surrounds the shot, the shot itself is perfect. That’s why they do what they do …….


I run and get the sandwiches from the trusty Deli Boys in Knutsford. The crew are overrunning slightly, so despite these being amongst the best sandwiches in town,  Susannah and the photographer don’t stop to eat. I do that for them.


They move upstairs for shots of the throws and cushions on beds etc. I take Helen Moore’s production manager’s baby, Balthazar for a walk in his stroller …. such is the working life of a modern women!

1400 – 1630

Trying to beat the light, they manage to can the shots that they needed for today but decide to come back in the morning for another couple of hours. They need some good shots of the fur doorstops.

Tuesday December 8th


They start early, as they have until lunchtime to get the final shots.  They get what they need, I do some more babysitting.  That baby is so darn cute!


Michelle from Willow Boutique in Knutsford pops down to say hello.  Janice, the owner of Willow Boutiques, has been stocking Helen Moore since 2014, not surprisingly the brand is a great seller in Knutsford and Hale.  I have my eye on the fur gillet in the Knutsford branch of Willow.


It’s pack-up time, I load my car and take the boxes back to the store for the courier to pick up the following day.  I get the impression the crew really enjoyed the two-day shoot.  They felt it was relaxed yet professional, without the stresses of shooting in the Big Smoke.  I’ll be on the lookout for a new location in Knutsford for next year’s shoot.  Let me know if you think your house is luxe enough!

Author: Charlie Greenstein


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