Knutsford Loyalty Scheme


Knutsford Town Council are looking to launch this scheme, on June 26th (as part of the Welcome Back Pack explained below).

This is a simple scheme, designed to work alongside your loyalty schemes. Your customer would receive a stamp when they spend £10 or over in one transaction. Once they have received 10 stamps they pop the card into the special post box in Little Waitrose for a chance to win £50 of Knutsford vouchers (drawn quarterly)

Please contact Sandra Curties if you wish to take part. A poster will be dropped off as well as supply of cards.



This scheme has been running since Christmas 2020 with 54 business currently accepting the voucher.

If you are new to Knutsford, we would love to have you on board. The scheme is designed to run alongside your own voucher scheme (if you have one). They are valid for one year and sold via Knutsford Town Council’s website and in person in our offices. The customer uses the voucher in full or part payment for goods and we pay you back in full. There is no cost to you whatsoever. They have proved very popular, with £10 sold out and only one book of £5 remaining. They are a great alternative to Amazon and other high street voucher alternatives.

If you are interested please contact Sandra Curties for further information.



200 of the above are currently in production to be given out free of charge on Saturday 26th June by volunteers from Knutsford Hosts and We Are Knutsford.

They will be filled with leaflets regarding forthcoming events, Knutsford Heritage Centre, Taste Knutsford, and the loyalty card. There is space for your promotional items too. Currently, Roberta Beauty Redefined, Nicholas Austen and The Bath House have taken us up on this offer. I am aware 200 is quite a lot – so whatever number you have is fine. It could be one amazing promotional voucher or small product samples. Please get in touch – they will need to be delivered to the Town Council’s offices by Monday 21st June. One bag will also contain £50 worth of Knutsford Vouchers too!



Saturday 26th June is free parking from 10 am in Silk Mill, King Street and Princess Street car parks. Posters will be handed out in the next week so please promote it in your shop windows and on social media. In addition, local choir Knutsford Beats will be singing from 11.30 am on Regent Street.

If you need to get in touch please call

01565 653929
07497 040501