Life After Covid

As lockdown restrictions ease, Knutsford Town Council would like to remind residents that support is there for those who need it.

“As our town centre re-opens it is important to recognise that not every resident is ready to ‘go back to normal’ straight away. We are working with Knutsford community groups to reassure and offer support for those who are finding ‘returning to normal’ not as straight forward as others. The key message is it is absolutely fine not to be fine, and support is there”. Said Sandra Curties, Town Centre and Marketing Officer.

Support can be anything from a verified and checked volunteer meeting you in the town centre to walk you around as you rediscover your favourite shops, visit the library or just reassurance when using a ticket machine. This can be done at a time to suit you too.

In addition, We Are Knutsford are running a ‘Life After Covid’ support group starting Monday 24th May at Knutsford Community Hospital. This is an opportunity to chat with others and help We Are Knutsford understand the different experiences of lockdown in order to make sure the right help is available for everyone. For further information, residents should call 01565 364785 or email Knutsford Hosts can be contacted on