Spring’s a springin…

Spring really is just around the corner!  It has been just around several corners in the past few weeks to be honest, with the sudden and abrupt weather changes.  As I write, the sun is shining through the trees and the day is quite mild but only yesterday we had torrential rain and the possibility of snow.  I have wondered about the plucky tenacity of the spring plants as they have been subject to the extremes of snow, rain and bright sunshine during these past months.   In one of the most beautiful of Knutsford roads, a lone daffodil is bravely flowering from a mini lake of rain water.  The hellebores in my garden raised their pretty heads at least six weeks ago and are growing strongly but two nights ago, a hard frost had them hanging their heads in despair.  The next morning however, there they were again providing pools of light amongst last year’s garden detritus.  The ever hopeful resilience of nature!

Nevertheless, I really think we are beginning to turn the corner in terms of season and the vaccine which we hope will release us from the restrictions of everyday life is being rolled out apace by our wonderful NHS.  We too, have reason to be as hopeful as the spring flowers and the birdsong which floods my garden each morning.  Let us raise a cheer for dedicated international scientists and for our National Health Service.


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