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Rohan Outdoor Clothes Shop

Rohan Outdoor Clothes Shop
Welcome to Rohan Outdoor Clothes Shop

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Rohan Outdoor Clothes Shop

Welcome to Rohantime the home of the Rohan Community

Rohantime is all about Rohan. Encouraging dialog about the products Rohan make, the activities shared and the issues that are important to us all.

Rohantime offers us a number of ways to join in.
Read the posts and leave a comment by clicking on “Leave a Comment” at the bottom of any post and follow the instructions to join the conversations. Let us know what you think.
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter
Upload photo’s to Rohantime Flickr
Check out the Rohantime forum.

Think about writing your own story for Rohantime. Trips you have made, places and times that stick in your memory, Rohan products that you love or hate. Write it down and send it to us with photo’s please. If you have vintage Rohan garments, photo’s, press releases, in fact, anything that you may like to share, please send them to us and we will make sure that they are documented and returned. Please click the link to get started.

From all the Rohan Team

Since Rohantime was introduced, we’ve had quite a few people asking us how the name for our Rohan community website came about.

I’ll start with a multiple choice question.

Did the idea for Rohantime come from:

A) A brainstorming session in a Regus meeting room (hired by the hour) with several ‘brand consultants’ dressed in short-sleeved shirts (wearing ‘creative’ loud ties) writing up their ‘blue sky, out of the box’ ideas on fancy big flipcharts?

B) A couple of middle-aged outdoor enthusiasts on an (extremely) relaxed mountain bike ride in the Peak, fuelled only by a full breakfast and a big flask of tea, sitting around in the grass talking about Rohan (more as an excuse for a crafty breather than anything else)?

If you think the answer is A, you’re probably looking at the wrong website. If you know the answer must be B, then chances are, you’re a proper Rohanist, so here’s the story.

philrLast Summer, I was out in the South Peak with John Beatty. Now, John will be familiar to all of you lucky enough to catch his wonderful audio-visual presentation at our recent event in the Lake District. Naturally, John is an amazing photographer check out his website and try and catch up with the Wild Vision touron the road now. But that’s not what makes him such great company. It’s obviously closely related to the photography, but the thing about John that makes him so interesting to be around is that he sees things. He sees things that ordinary people don’t. It’s quite astonishing. Whether it’s physical things like the first swallow of the year or a rare plant tucked away under a boulder or something more transient like the unusual way the light catches a spider’s web or the reflection of a tree in a rock pool, he see things that most people don’t even notice.

The upshot is: when you’re out with John, you finish the day, knowing more than you did at the start. And you’re usually pretty knackered too.

As usual, we’d met at the fantastic café at Outside in Calver Sough. Our route was to be Parsley Hey to Monsal Dale via Pilsley and Sheen, down to Wetton Mill (another café), up and over into Hartington and then the slow grind up Hartington Dale back to Parsley Hey. In all, about 25 miles through deep valleys, trails, woodland and country lanes. In short, plenty of time to think.

Early in the day I was chatting to John, explaining that we were planning to introduce a new website for Rohanists. It was going to be a place where we could all talk to each other, a place to exchange views, swap contacts, discuss the gear, talk about where we’d been and what we were planning to do. The problem was, we didn’t have a name for it. I left it with him.

rohantimesFor some time, John has been mulling over the concept that we (all of us, Rohanists included) need a space away from our regular, busy working lives. A space that we own, that is personal, reflective, restorative, fulfilling. A time to be ourselves. It’s a concept that’s clearly influenced John’s creative work although, interestingly, he says it’s only recently that he’s consciously understood it. It’s obvious that it wasn’t just the cogs on John’s bike that were turning like crazy that day, because at some stage in the ride, he made the magic connection and slammed on his brakes. “Phil, I think I’ve got it. It’s like the time we’re having now. The time away. Doing stuff for ourselves.” Out came the flask.

“We should call it Rohantime”, he said. And straight away, it sounded great. And I knew it was right.

So, what does it mean? Well, for me, Rohantime is the time you spend doing the things you love. Doing the things you want to do – rather than the things you have to do – or the things you need to do to earn a few quid. It’s simple really, Rohantime is about the time you spend doing the things that make you who you are.

So, there you are. I started the day intending to have a bit of ‘Rohantime’. In the morning, though, I didn’t know it was called that. By the end of the day, I’d learnt something. I had a name for it.

And, yes, after a 25 mile bike ride, I was pretty knackered too.

Phil Rothwell Rohan marketing team

Photo’s John Beatty

Phil is wearing a Rohan Windshadow Jacket

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