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Find a Knutsford Business or service here & check out what’s on in Knutsford.

Submit your event listings, discover shopping offers, retailer locations, restaurants, community and business listings here,  and if you own or manage a Knutsford business, get in touch with us about developing your web presence. List your community groupevent or company here for free..

Knutsford Shopping Map

Download Your Copy Of The Latest Knutsford Shopping Map Here >>

Here you can find out all you need to know about where to shop, eat, socialise, do business and join in lots of community activities.

Looking for a gourmet restaurant or affordable eatery? Search our categories above for ‘Restaurants’, Knutsford has great restaurants for every taste and budget.

If you are a business or run a charity or community group in Knutsford get a free listing today!

If you’d like visitors and residents to know more about what’s going on in your company or group then subscribe to Knutsford Hub for a wealth of functions to promote your activities.

Besides its thriving business culture, Knutsford has much to offer its visitors and we would love you to come and spend time with us …

An afternoon visit spent browsing through our many independent shops and antique emporia with coffee and cake in charming tea rooms will delight, or if you decide to spend a weekend with us, you will find great places to stay and lots to do.  First mentioned in the Domesday Book, the town still has traces of its medieval past in quaint street names, picturesque ‘ginnels’, and timber framed buildings.  Elegant Georgian townhouses and Gothic Victorian buildings record a longstanding civic pride but there is a lovable eccentricity too in the Italianate buildings designed by Richard Harding Watt.

Knutsford is on the literary map too.  Elizabeth Gaskell, the Victorian novelist, based her best known novel, Cranford, upon the town.  Mrs Gaskell is buried in the churchyard of the Grade I listed Unitarian chapel but the memorable ladies of Cranford live on in the imagination … the swish of a taffeta skirt disappearing down an alleyway, a small hand in a white glove and the charming gentility of afternoon tea.

Come and visit us … you will be so welcome!

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