About the Knutsford Hub’s Owner

I grew up here in Knutsford attending Bexton Primary and then the Knutsford High School (as it was then known) together with my sisters Charlie and Kate. As a kid I did shifts tying roses at Fryers, serving burgers at What’s Cooking (the building Piccolino now occupies) and teaching classes at Bensons Health Club (then part of the Angel Pub). 

Knutsford was a rather modest market town in the 70s, but has always been easy on the eye and interesting to find, and having travelled and lived in other places and countries I came full circle realising that actually, nowhere could beat Knutsford as a place to live and raise my son.

Early in 2013 I joined the newly formed chamber of commerce for Knutsford – The Promote Knutsford Forum. The Forum was set up to support businesses in the town and members donated their time, resources and ideas to initiatives that would benefit those living and working in Knutsford. Besides chairing the Forum for some of its life I was an active part of organising many of the initiatives that still endure today and contributed most of the artwork for the projects including:

  • The Pumpkin Path 2013/2014/2015/2016/2017
  • The Bunny Hop /2015/2016/2017 2018
  • The Shopping Map 2014/2015/2016
  • The Knutsfordian Exhibition 1,2, & 3
  • The Promote Knutsford Forum
  • Christmas in Knutsford
  • Knutsford Loves Fashion
  • Knutsford Tour Guides
  • Cyclefest
  • The Mayor’s Ball
  • Friends of the Heath – Family Fun Day
  • Contribution to the Town Guide

You can see some of this artwork here >>

If you have something to say about Knutsford, experiences to share or would like to contribute to the Knutsford Hub, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

Let’s keep Knutsford thriving and independent.

Best wishes,

Emma Moore