War On The Plastic Plague #bagabag

I’m a resident here in Knutsford and have a horrible admission…

I have been stockpiling plastic bags.

I realise the obvious answer is to re-use them but honestly I keep forgetting to keep some in my bag/car (rubbish I know, excuse the pun) and I end up taking new ones, exacerbating the problem.

Rather than live with the horrible guilt, I started thinking about a solution to the problem on a local level given that (I could be wrong) there are other offenders out there like me. Not one for sitting about head in hands, I have a small suggestion to make and am sending a call to action to Knutsford residents to do a really small thing to help.

Would it be possible for each of our five supermarket chain shops in Knutsford to keep a bucket (they may need a wheelie bin!) of donated plastic bags for re-use at each till or at the door? Rather than remembering to bring one or two bags to the supermarket, bring your stockpile and add it to one of the bins for other customers to use?

Now I know that this will mean supermarkets having customers leave sometimes with the competition’s bags but:

a) This is happening when people re-use their plastic bags at the moment

b) If all the supermarkets did it the effects would be neutralised

c) I would think any supermarket willing to rise above the very small commercial compromise in order to do something for the environment, would rise in the estimation of customers?

I’m sure this is not a new idea, there will be other shops and possibly towns doing this. But I know for sure that none of the Knutsford supermarkets are doing this and in doing so here we could turn a small difference into a big win for the environment.

So I’m asking a small thing…

Next time you visit Aldi, Booths, Sainsbury’s, Co-Op or Waitrose would you fill in a suggestion card or mention it to the manager?

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…and if you agree, tell your friends to do the same.

Many thanks


Feel free to give me a ring if you have any other bright ideas: 07973 266227





  • editorcamra
    16/01/2018 at 12:40 pm

    Excellent idea.
    You can also use most types of supermarket plastic bag as kitchen bin-liners, saving you buying so many new bin-liners and giving the supermarket bag at least one more chance to be useful.

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